When I first entered college, one of the first art classes I took was an intro course to video editing. I had never worked in any editing software before, but it only took one class to get me hooked almost instantly. This gallery is a collection of all the short films I have created. All films were created in the Adobe Creative Suite.


While I had been working my job as a cashier, I became increasingly frustrated with the layout of the cash register's interface. It was old, it was clunky, and it wasn't a very easy interface to navigate. This gave me the idea to not only redesign the interface, but I also was able to create these small animations for a hypothetical training session for new employees. All assets were created in Adobe Illustrator, and the animation was done in Adobe After Effects.


Animation has always been one of my great loves. This After Effects animation was a challenge to myself to produce the best looking animation I could create using the Adobe Suite. All assets were created in Adobe Illustrator, and all animation was done via Adobe After Effects.


I've always tried to add a bit of myself into every animation I do, whether that'd be through humor or reference to something I like. This video comes from my favorite memories as a child, playing with toy trains.


During the early days of YouTube, I became fascinated by those creators who reviewed video games. They seemed to be running their own T.V shows, complete with openings and closing credits. This inspired me to take a spin at it, and the result was this pilot episode of "The Licensed Gamer." 


Documentaries are a personal favorite of mine ti watch on my free time. Having the opportunity to experiment with some pre-recorded footage that was given to me was a grand opportunity at trying to make my own. This was the result.


Being able to create something professional looking from provided materials is, in my opinion, a crucial part of working in the creative field. Not every challenge can involve custom work, and being able to be flexible and work with what you have is very important. This small news reel was created using footage provided to me, and all editing was done in Adobe Premiere.