In my time as a graphic designer, I have had the opportunity to work on many differing projects, spanning many types of subjects. Pictured below is a collection of some of my particular favorite pieces. All pieces were created using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.


Of all the types of graphic design projects that I have had the opportunity to work on, logo design is perhaps my favorite. The idea of logo design is incredibly versatile, ranging from highly illustrative to very minimalist. Its that variety that really appeals to me, and allows me to approach designs from all sorts of different angles. These examples pictured below were all planned and designed on paper before being vectorized .


Magazine page spreads I find to be an interesting balancing act of imagery and text. The example was a custom magazine called "The Comic Book", which focused on the history of comic books.


Posters are another personal favorite of mine because of the much larger size I can work in. The example featured here are an entry for the Detroit Institute of Arts Film Festival poster contest, and the invitation designs for a local school's auction.


This piece was a particular favorite of mine because of the subject matter.  I rarely do intimidating or scary content, but Edgar Allen Poe was too good of an opportunity to let go of. 

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